A Settle woman is warning pet owners to be on their guard after her cat was shot for the second time with an air gun.

Rowena Magden’s three-year-old cat Fidget came home two weeks ago after having what his owner’s believed was one of his usual fights.

But after a while, they discovered what appeared to be a pellet under his skin on his head, and took him to Dale Head vets, where he was operated on and the pellet removed.

“The vet knew straight away when he felt it what it was, but he had to operate and take it out. Fidget is home now, but of course he has stitches and he was lucky, it could have been his eye,” said Mrs Magden.

Mrs Magden, who lives in the Northfield area of Settle, said a year ago Fidget was similarly shot - and she believes as a wanderer, he might have been mistaken for a ferral cat.

“He does have a collar, but he does wander and there is nothing I can do about that. I’d just like people to be careful, and I’d like whoever did it to think about what they have done.”