A ferret is waiting to be reunited with its owner after being handed in to Skipton Police Station.

The friendly and well cared for creature was handed in on Tuesday by a man who found it wandering outside Bizzie Lizzies fish and chip shop in Swadford Street.

And after eating its way out of a box and stinking out the office, it is now safely in a foster home waiting for its owner.

Traffic officer Andy Ingram, who tweeted pictures of the ferret sitting on a desk, said he thought it had probably been on the hunt for an Easter bunny.

“I was really surprised how tame it was. After it ate its way out of the box it just sat on a desk quite happily,” he said.

However, staff at the station quickly discovered the ferret’s strong scent. “We did have to open all the windows after it had gone,” said TC Ingram.

The owner is asked to call TC Ingram or Sergeant Ben Ralston on 101.