Parking spaces planned for grass verges in front of homes in Meadowcroft, Cononley have been refused permission by Craven planners.

The 16 parking bays were an attempt to take cars off the road and to replace parking lost through the development of council garage sites,Craven District Council’s planning committee heard.

The council recently gave itself planning permission to demolish its semi-derelict garages off Meadowcroft and build four affordable apartments and semi-detached homes.

Some residents of the former council owned houses had created their own off road parking areas, councillors heard.

Philippa Padbury, spokesman for objectors, told the meeting that parking in the area had only become an issue after permission for the new homes had been granted.

She said they were not against the creation of parking bays, but not where it would mean cutting "great swathes" into the existing grass verges - which are owned by the council.

“It would have a detrimental impact, look ugly and destroy the character of Meadowcroft,” she said.

She added that residents’ would be disturbed by having headlights shining into their living rooms.

Applicant, Accent Foundation, proposed that the parking bays would be placed vertically across the verges, pointing towards houses, with motorists driving straight in, or reversing, into the bays.

But councillors went along with officers' recommendation to refuse the application.

Coun Ady Green (Cons), who moved refusal, said the greens were very symmetrical and it was wrong to destroy them.

Councillors also pointed out that the council had succeeded in displacing vehicles from one place to another after approving the redevelopment of its redundant garage sites.

The application was refused on the grounds that the bays were close to the living rooms of nearby houses.

“It is considered that the proposal would result in unacceptable harm to the living conditions of these properties,” said the report.