DETECTIVES in Craven are urging residents to follow some simple crime prevention advice and help keep burglars out this summer.

Many of the offences which are committed could have been avoided by keeping doors and windows locked.

While it is tempting to leave a window open or a door unlocked while enjoying your garden in the hot weather, it is also an invitation to opportunist thieves.

Residents can greatly reduce their chances of being targeted by criminals if they ensure their home is properly secured, even if they are just going outside to mow the lawn.

Detective Inspector Nichola Holden, of North Yorkshire Police, said: “Thieves tend to be opportunistic and if they see an easy chance to get in to your house via an open window or an insecure door, they will take it.

“It is important that you make life as difficult as possible for criminals by bearing your home security in mind at all times.

“It is worth making the effort to be security conscious rather than becoming a victim of crime this summer.”

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