A SKIPTON woman has celebrated her 100th birthday.

Alice Moug, a resident at Ashfield care home on Carleton Road, turned 100 on Friday and celebrated with a family party.

Alice, the daughter and Joseph and Esther Waddilove, was born on July 25, 1914, at a house on Byron Street, Skipton.

One of six children, she and her family moved to Bold Venture Street when she was seven.

She went to Brougham Street Elementary School and after leaving at the age of 14, she started working as a secretary at Fattorini's in High Street House.

Alice, who played cricket for Skipton Ladies, met Victor Moug, a cricketer who eventually joined Skipton Cricket Club.

The couple married on August 12, 1939, at Christ Church in Skipton.

On the day of their marriage, the couple were notified that Victor's job as a tax inspector would be taking them to London.

In 1942, Alice was evacuated to Chopwell, a village near Newcastle, where she had their first son, Chris.

Six months later, the couple moved back to Skipton and lived on Shortbank Road, where they had their second son, Peter, in 1944.

In 1955, Alice took a job at Carr and Gill in Skipton where she worked until taking up a similar role in the estate office at Amos Nelson in West Marton.

In 1963, the couple moved to Cross Hills. After Victor died in 1969 she first moved to a house on Long Meadow in Skipton before moving to Sunmoor Drive. Alice has lived in Ashfield for just over a year.

In addition to her two sons, Alice has five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.