A BARNOLDSWICK firm is reaching for the skies after having two hot air balloons designed in their colours.

Cycle parts manufacturers Hope Technology used the largest of the two new balloons to create a high-octane, adrenaline-fuelled publicity video.

Two of their star riders, Sam Flanagan, of Clapham, and Rachael Walker, of Clitheroe, feature in the video of the balloon above Hope’s Barnoldswick base, and then in La Molina, Spain, where the balloons were made and will be based.

The two balloons, the larger one with a basket, and the smaller one with only a harness, are run by Rylstone firm Airborne Adventures.

Rachael said: “One of Hope's co-owners (Ian Weatherill) has a friend who runs a hot air balloon company in La Molina.

“One night in the pub they were talking about a new hot air balloon and Ian was asked what design he would go for, and suggested in our colours.

“They went ahead and did it and it looks brilliant. There was a lot of back and forth about getting the correct bright green colour.

“We were given the chance to use it and thought it would be great for some publicity material, it was really good fun.

“The balloons are now going to be in La Molina, the bigger one was at an international show in Spain, so the Hope colours will often be in the sky in that area.”

"Hopefully we'll fly them over this area at some point," said Ian's brother, Alan Weatherill, sales and marketing manager at Hope. "I can't believe how restricted it is to fly them. The weather has to be perfect, with no wind."