SKIPTON Magistrates Court will be closed for the day tomorrow (Friday) because of a lack of business.

Just two cases were listed to appear at the criminal court and with the absence of any additional work, the decision was made to shift them to Monday's court.

A spokesman for HM Courts and Tribunals Service said the decision had nothing to with a lack of legal advisors.

"The court at Skipton Magistrates' Court scheduled to sit on Friday has been cancelled due to the low level of work listed. There were only two cases listed to be heard - one was a case that had been previously adjourned by the Crown Prosecution Service in the defendant's absence, the other was a case management hearing. As there were no new cases listed it was decided that it would be a better use of resources to re-list the cases for Monday (11 August). The court was not cancelled due to a lack of legal advisers. "