HELLIFIELD Gala was enjoyed by all - despite Saturday’s showers, which meant gala queen Molly Murfin was crowned in the marquee.

Molly’s crowning was conducted by this year’s special guest, Adam Thomas, star of Emmerdale. Molly’s attendants were Tegan Stead, Isla Dawson and Iuan Bolland-Jones.

The night before there was a Hellifield’s Got Talent Night, included the general theme of this years gala - films and musicals.

The entertainment within the marquee included children’s entertainer Circus Jim, face painting, and The Saggy Bottom Boys playing Country and Bluegrass. Refreshments were provided by the WI. Outside the races and sports went ahead, with entertainment from the Garstang Gymnastics Display team.

Results: Fancy dress. Boys and girls five and under - 1. Mary Poppins and chimney sweep, Emily and Henry Atkinson, 2. Officer and a Gentleman, Kian Stanford and Ella Rae Hardacre, 3. Grease, Fay Arthurs. Age six to 11 - 1. Sister Act, Leah Stanford and Rosie Chapman. Age 12 and over - 1. Flintstone Dave Firth. 2. Flintstone Andrew Baron. Open class - 1. Wizard of Oz, Ellie Jackson, 2. Frozen, Morgan and Logan Maloney, 3. Batman, Ben. Best overall - 1. Mary Poppins and chimney sweep, Emily and Henry Atkinson. Best decorated pram - 1. Captain Jack Sparrow, Thomas Mountain, 2. Flintstones, Firth family, 3. Lion King, Elliot Newhouse. Sports. Boys and girls flat race, three years and under - 1. Peter Ridgeway, 2. Jonty Capstick, 3. Emily Atkinson. Four to five years - 1. Jacob Mounsey, 2. Charlotte Chapman, 3. Ellie Jackson. Six, seven, eight years - 1. James Duffy, 2. Billy Black, 3. Douglas Segger-Stein. NIne, 10, 11 - 1. Alex Thompson, 2. Taylor McElicon, 3. Edward Hall. 12 to15 - 1. Freddie Howarth, 2. Ben Ward, 3. Emily Carpenter. Boys and girls egg and spoon, three to four years - 1. Sadie Walkingshaw, 2. Ellie Jackson, 3. Morgan Maloney. Five, six, seven years - 1. Olivia Swoebeck, 2. Beau Walkingshaw, 3. Harry Richards. Eight, nine, 10 years - 1. Elayna Irvine, 2. Poppy Hanson, 3. James Duffy. Sack race boys and girls seven, eight, nine years -1. Beau Walkingshaw, 2. Emily Swoebeck, 3. James Duffy. 10,11,12 - 1. Morgan Hargreaves, 2. Ben Milsbury, 3. Charlie Metcalfe. Wheelbarrow race, boys and girls six, seven, eight, nine years - 1. James Duffy and Billy Blackie, 2. Douglas Segger-Stein, 3. Beau and Esme Walkingshaw. 10,11,12 years - 1. Taylor Mckilicort and Rosie Chapman, 2. Alice and Megan Walton, 3. Alex Thompson and Sam Smith. Three-legged race eight to 11 years- 1. Taylor Mckilicort and Rosie Chapman, 2. Alex Thompson and Sam Smith, 3. Billy Blackie and Beth Blackie. Ladies’ flat race - 1. Sarah Dugdale, 2. Cathy Dakin, 3. Jane Capstick, Gents’ flat race -1. Simon Bolland, 2. Paul Dawson, 3. Sam Wilcox. Egg catching, children - Ben Bilsbourgh and Cameron Spitzer. Ladies’ and gents’ piggyback race - 1. Simon Bolland and Emma Gridley, 2. Hannah Stanford and Paul Mounsey, 3. Sarah and Mick Richards. Adults’ wheelbarrow race - 1. Scott Hardacre and Hannah Stanford, 2. Sarah and Michael Richards, 3. Simon and Tammy Chapman. Adults egg throwing - 1. Chelsea Close and Tammy Chapman.