SAUSAGE and cider fans flocked to Silsden for a celebration of local fare and also to compete in a Guinness World record attempt on Saturday.

Hosted by the Robin Hood pub, the day saw banger munchers take on different challenges including trying to scoff eight big sausages in a minute, said landlord Darren Robinson.

"Sadly we didn't break the world record, but one of our barmen, Aaron Tattersall-Jarvis, did win the event by managing six in a minute," Mr Robinson said.

"And we also had another really popular challenge which was people trying to eat five of our homemade super-strong chilli sausages in five minutes

"Most couldn't manage one, but a pub regular Dale Whittaker sat down and cleared his plate in two minutes, Mr Robinson said.

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance benefited from charity donations made during the day, plus money collected in a bottle on the bar and which together raised £1,000.

"It was a great community day and good for the town because people heard about it and came to Silsden from places like Bradford and Halifax to take part," Mr Robinson said..

"And because of last weekend's success, I've got other stuff planned for the future to keep the momentum going," Mr Robinson said.