A SET of twins plus another child all of primary school age might seem a handful - but for one Gargrave couple, two more have just been added to the family.

Helen Foster and partner Martyn Jubb had their first set of twins, Oliver and Katie in October, 2003. They were followed by Archie, six years ago, and, in July, came their second set of twins, Jack and Nancie.

"The doctors and the midwives have all told me its really unusual to have two sets of twins and they've never seen it before," said Helen, who has no great history of twins in her family, apart from a great aunt.

Jack and Nancie were born five weeks prematurely at Airedale General Hospital and both spent some time in special care before they were allowed home.

"I found out I was expecting twins really early at around seven weeks and it was a real shock. I'd been feeling really sick and decided it was because I was having a girl, as I'd sailed through the pregnancy with Archie," said Helen.

"I'd been sick with the first twins too, but I never thought I was having another set."

All three oldest children are at Gargrave Primary School, where Jack and Nancie will also go.

Meanwhile, Helen has the help of mother-in-law, Heather Jubb, and older daughter, Katie.

"Heather lives just over the road and is a real help and so is Katie. People say to me they don't know how I cope, but you just do, I wouldn't have it any other way."

But as for having any more, Helen added: "I love children and would have 19 if I could, but I don't think I'll be having any more now."