A FLURRY of Santas set out to run the equivalent of a marathon in Kildwick to raise money for disabled children who need special equipment.

The pupils of Kildwick CE Primary School donned Christmas-themed costumes to dash 26 miles around the village, including its recreation ground.

In the end the 100-plus children ran the equivalent of more than four marathons and almost finished a fifth one.

They had originally planned the event to raise money for Skipton boy Aidan Hudson, who cannot sleep in a normal bed because he has Charge Syndrome.

The children were inspired after Lisa Snell, chairman of the Kildwick School parent teachers association, told them about 12-year-old Aidan’s plight.

The school switched beneficiaries after an overwhelming response to a public appeal raised enough money to buy a bed within two weeks.

The children instead decided to money for the Newlife Foundation, the largest charity funder of children’s specialist disability equipment.

Caroline Artschan, a representative from the charity, went along to Kildwick on the day to talk to the children about what the money they raised would help fund.

She said: “What an amazing response this has been. The money raised will help so many disabled children’s lives.”

Carol Hudson, Aidan’s mum, was also at the Santa run and was overwhelmed by the events of the day.

Each class took turns to run laps of the local recreation ground and were cheered on other children and parents. Drystone Radio broadcast live from the event.

Year six children ran half mile loops around Kildwick village, with some managing up to six laps.

School head Tim Whitehead said: “The children surpassed all expectations and in total ran four marathons and 22 miles.

“Thank you to all parents who have got behind the school and this event.”

Aidan Hudson is deaf, blind, has serious breathing problems and 'global developmental delay', and cannot sleep in a normal bed.

After the Keighley News’s sister paper the Craven Herald carried an article about Aidan’s plight, fundraisers raised the £2,995 needed for the special bed in just two weeks.

He needs a specialist travel bed to keep him safe at night so he can spend time with his grandparents, travel with his family, and spend time away with other children.

Aidan’s family contacted Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children, a charity which provides specialist equipment for children with disabilities and terminal illness.