A SKIPTON resident recently moved to an area of the town blighted by heavy traffic has made a repeat call for urgent action.

Paul Davis says he believes those who live in Carleton Road have been let down by the highways and planning authorities in their failure to tackle heavy vehicles using the road and getting caught on the narrow railway bridge.

And he says the issue will only get worse following business and residential developments at Wyvern Park and off Carleton Road itself.

Meanwhile, hopes are high that a solution which could help residents will emerge from a meeting between council officers due to take place yesterday (Wednesday). The meeting between Craven Council and North Yorkshire County Council officers was to discuss plans for a new road linking Engine Shed Lane and the proposed Wyvern Park scheme, off the Skipton bypass.

Mr Davis said at a highways meeting at Champions Church earlier this year attended by residents, officers and councillors, many people asked why signs could not be put up stopping heavy vehicles from using the road because of the tight bend at the railway bridge.

During my short time living in the area I have witnessed first hand the problems caused by large vehicles having to reverse back up Carleton road and enter 'The Close'," he said.

"When reversing, these large trucks have to mount the kerb and drive on the pavement which is dangerous and illegal. On many occasions they get within inches to walls and parked cars. The time it takes to perform the manoeuvre also causes a build up of traffic and long delays."

Mr Davis, who says he likes living in Carleton Road and has no intention of moving, says he does not blame the drivers of HGVs.

"They follow directions from Satellite Navigation systems and there is no signage to deter them from accessing the road. They need better guidance because it is only a matter of time before parked cars and properties are damaged and possibly worse, that somebody is injured," he said.

A spokesman for Craven District Council said Skipton has been promised £4.6 million Growth Deal funding to improve highway and transport infrastructure and to support future economic growth.

"Plans include the upgrading of Engine Shed Lane and Ings Lane, and the construction of a road to connect the end of Ings Lane with the road network. The investment in Engine Shed Lane and Ings Lane will reduce the number of heavy goods vehicles travelling through the town centre and residential areas, and improve pedestrian safety. Craven District Council and North Yorkshire County Council are currently in discussions over the details of these plans."