CRAVEN District Council is punching above its weight with the “good quality services” it provides – according to officers from other councils.

Senior officials from councils across the country have reviewed Craven as part of the regular Corporate Peer Challenge.

They found that Craven was providing good quality services with limited resources,

The report says: “CDC has got a really good story to tell as a successful council with good quality services, particularly in leisure and culture. These enhance the well-being of residents and showcase the location, boosting the visitor economy and inward investment.

“The public also need to know what good work you are doing in partnership with others, such as economic development across the whole region not just Craven.”

CDC leader Cllr Richard Foster said he was delighted with the findings of the review: “This peer review shows what an excellent job the council is doing for the community.

“The report highlights our key strengths – we are achieving a great deal for our residents, delivering high quality services while maintaining financial stability.

“The fantastic work we are doing to transform Skipton Town Hall, the events we help deliver such as the Tour de Yorkshire, and our skills in attracting funding to the district are all underlined in the report.

“This peer review is incredibly useful as it also points out some of the ways we can improve in the future."

The council was last reviewed in 2012.