COUNCILLORS recommended refusal of a re-submitted application to build more than 60 homes on land at Meadow Way in Barnoldswick.

During a meeting of the West Craven Area Committee last Tuesday, members considered Future Habitats Limited re-submitted outline application to build the houses on land north east of Meadow Way, off Skipton Road.

Tony Hollings, part owner of the Lock Stop Cafe along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal near the site, said: “We benefit from people desiring to visit this scenic area, and we have been described as a ‘little gem’ by visitors to our cafe.

“This area has been referred to as ‘the jewel in the crown of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and any development on this site would destroy the setting.”

He also said that the applicant reduced the number of houses from 102 to just over 60 to “appease the locals”.

Linda Preston, who lives in a house next to the canal, said: “They’re fooling people into thinking this is preferable to

102 houses. This development will more pressure on our schools, infrastructure and roads.”

Another resident, Nigel Harris, added: “In my opinion nothing about this application has changed. They will inevitably apply to develop the other half of the field.

“This plan would destroy Greenberfield Locks and would be a complete disaster for this area of Barnoldswick.”

Christopher Carroll, agent for the applicant Future Habitats Ltd, said: “We’ve tried to listens to the concerns and how these issues can be overcome.

He added: “A development of this size could be accommodated on the local roads and the houses can be assimilated into drumlin landscape.

“We are asking that you support this application in view of the changes we’ve made to the proposal.”

Cllr Tom Whipp said: “This development would dominate the skyline and would have an unacceptable impact on the landscape and drumlin fields.

“This area is an really important national asset and local asset as well, and I propose we object to this development.

Cllr Ken Hartley said: “For six years I’ve been campaigning not to build on this piece of land.

“I would hesitate to accept the principal of development at the site, and I support rejection of this application.”

As the committee could not make a decision on the application, because it is for more than 60 houses, the decision will now be taken by Pendle Council’s Policy and Resources Committee when it meets on Tuesday, June 26, in Nelson Town Hall.