SO, what about David Beckham? Have you heard the latest about Madonna? Did you know about …….? The cult of celebrity is big business and can sell many newspapers and magazines

So what would the gossip mags have been writing about just over 2,000 years ago? All seemed rosy on Palm Sunday - Jesus was the latest thing. The crowds couldn’t get enough of him - if they had had mobiles they would have been taking hundreds of selfies with him.

By the end of the week, however, things had changed dramatically. The Temple authorities really had had enough of this Jesus bloke who said we could have a close relationship with God, God the Father.

On the Thursday (Maundy Thursday) Jesus met with the disciples for his last meal with them. He had avoided arrest all through the week teaching and healing around Jerusalem and in the Temple. Now Jesus allows himself to be arrested by the Temple guards, led to him by his friend Judas.

The night that follows is bleak and confusing for everyone, including Jesus. The Jewish hierarchy decided to act and pushed the Roman Governor into executing the trouble maker Jesus.

So, on Good Friday, we lose the joyous optimism of Palm Sunday. Everywhere falls quiet and silent as the death of Jesus sinks in to the consciousness of the disciples and their companions.

It will not be until Easter Day that Jesus’ message will become clear. The Easter message that Jesus brings the promise of new life, not a celebrity-style life, but life lived in all its fullness. So this Easter let’s take a moment to think about which role model we want to follow in order to live our lives well.

Happy Easter.

The Rev Ruth Harris

Vicar of Christ Church, Skipton, and St Mary’s, Carleton