Bradford & District Motor Club braved Cowling Cragg on Sunday where south Craven builder Nathan Wrigglesworth rode a Scorpa machine to victory over James Duxbury and Sam Boocock on a four-lap hard course.

Forty-four competitors and ten tough observers battled with the elements on the steep exposed moorland high above Airedale.

Even experienced novice grade competitor Sam Cahill saw his final score top the 100 mark.

Odsal Class B age group rider Charlie Smith was the only boy to tackle the hard course and did well, taking sixth place overall.

Results, Hard course experts: 1 Nathan Wrigglesworth (Scorpa) 25, 2 James Duxbury (Montesa) 32.

Inters: 1 Sam Boocock (Beta) 53, 2 Anthony Ayrton (Montesa) 53, 3 Tom Rushton (Montesa) 55.

Novices: 1 Jonathan Baker (Sherco) 70, 2 Sam Cahill (Beta) 105, 3 Luke Standring (Gas Gas) 172.

Youth Class B: 1 Charlie Smith (Sherco) 70.

Clubman A, Novices: 1 Arron Dugdale (Beta) 42, 2 Robert Berry (Montesa) 53, 3 Jenson Little (Beta) 61. Over-40s: 1 Neil Sharp (Gas Gas) 16, 2 Richard Pearson (Beta) 55, 3 Jonathan Baker (Sherco) 61.

Clubman B, Novices: 1 Sam Peel (Beta) 36, 2 Kirk Racord (Beta) 50, 3 Jonathon Jackson (Montea) 57.

Over-40s: 1 Michael Winstanley (Beta) 11, 2 Simon Armstrong (Beta) 24, 3 Stephen Wilde (Montesa) 29.

Youth Class B: 1 Kieran Skehan (Beta) 35, 2 Oliver Winstanley (Beta) 67, 3 Thomas Howson (Beta) 89.

Beginners course, Novices: 1 Jack Clarkson (Gas Gas) 33, 2 Andrew Orme (Sherco) 160, 3 Nicola Chew (Beta) 160. Youth Class B: 1 Max Marston (9, 2 Lucy Ayrton 28, 3 Joseph Howson 31 (all Beta). Youth Class C: Josh Pearson (Beta) 32.


Horsforth D.M.C. 2nd Simon Green Championship, Greenhow, Sunday.

Chris Beecroft took a day off as a shop fitter to win the hard course class at Horsforth Motor Club's second Simon Green championship trial at Greenhow on Sunday.

The Yeadon rider has been aiming to win a trial and even switched to a Sherco, in vain, and reverted back to his Honda Montesa machine in recent weeks.

Horsforth were lucky to run at all as the game plan was the Parkwood Offroad Centre but a double booking of the Tong venue brought about an instant switch to Greenhow.

Despite the change of venue, 65 competitors arrived at Greenhow to ride the four-lap, ten-section course.

Silsden football star Danielle Whitham reverted to her Beta machine to compete and keep an eye on her 16-year-old sister Gabby, who is coming to terms with 250cc Beta power after riding a 125cc version for years.

Keighley teenager Aaron Carter, now also 16, got his head down to win Class A behind Class B contenders Jacob Snowdon and Edward Earle.

Drighlington's Mick Kettlewell and Steve Ellis dominated Clubman and Easy classes.

Results, Hard course - Inter: Chris Hunt (Vertigo) 39.

Novices: 1 Chris Beecroft (Montesa) 127, 2 James Croft (Ossa) 73, 3 Danielle Whitham (Beta) 86.

Youth Class A: 1 Aaron Carter 65, 2 Gabby Whitham 72. (All Beta).

Youth Class B: 1 Jacob Snowdon 46, 2 Edward Earle 63.

Clubman course, Novices: 1 John Ellis (Yamaha) 64, 2 Adam Howling (Sherco) 64.

Over-50s: 1 Mick Kettlewell (Beta) 24, 2 Paul Wilson (Montesa) 54, Ian Brogden (Beta) 56.

Pre-65: Steve Gossop (BSA) 61.

Youth Class B: 1 Harry McLoughlin (Beta) 59, 2 Frankie Rhodes (Beta) 87, 3 Mason Carter (Beta) 132.

Youth Class C: 1 Bradley Green (Beta) 52, 2 Arran Sherwin (Beta) 154.

Clubman easy course, Novices: Michael Fawcett (Beta) 36.

Over-50s: 1 Steve Ellis (Gs Gas) 0, 2 Paul Hobson (TLM) 12, 3 Mike Frizzell (Beta) 13.

Youth Class A: Ashton Steele (Sherco) 82. Youth Class B: Logan Codner (Beta) 129.

Small Wheels, Hard route: 1 William Sagar 11, 2 Jonathan Fannon 15. (All Oset).

Middle route, Small wheels: 1 Joshua Witting (Oset), 2 Joe Hemsworth (Oset) 43, 3 Harry Smithies (Beta) 48.

Medium wheels: 1 Bailey Holmes (Beta) 48, 2 Jimmy Crabtree (Oset) 53, 3 Harrison Lightfoot (Oset) 70.

Easy route, Small Wheels: 1 Callum Edmondson (Beta) 16, 2 Kai Fairhurst (Oset) 29.

Medium Wheels: Bobby Crabtree (Oset) 20.

Class EE: Charlie Wilson (Oset) 70.